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Mineski sustains hot start, frustrates Infuzed for 2018 PGS Spring second win

The 2018 PGS Spring Split roster of the former GPL behemoths Mineski. Pro Gaming Series

By Ozzy Alaba

MANILA -- Mineski successfully maintained their sizzling-hot start in the 2018 Bacchus PGS Spring Split as they toppled Infuzed eSports, 2-1 to notch their second regular season best-of-three set win in Saturday.

Mineski, who lost in Game 2 through a Pentakill by INF’s AD Carry Francis Matthew Cruz, playing as Sivir managed to bounce back as they absolutely outplayed their opponents, 18-5 in the final game to clinch the important W.

Jon Lance Hernandez, who played in Game 1 and been subbed out in Game 2 for James Karl Santos, comes back with style as he, who played the squishy Camille dismantled Jeezzryl Romas’s Trundle in Game 3, hailing him as the Player of the Game through his combined 8/2/8 KDA in both games that he played.

Hernandez also got some aid from his teammates as their imports, Kwon Jun-seok (MSK’s jungler) and Bae Yong-jun (MSK’s AD Carry) stepped up big, bagging most of the combined kills and assists for MSK in the entire series.

Bloodshed was what the two squads enlived in the first minutes of Game 1.

Both teams traded kills in first five minutes, 2-1, capped by Kwon’s First Blood kill against Cassie Gumapas’s Vladimir in the third minute.

MSK continued to extend their margin to 7000 gold in the 24th minute as they got the Baron Nashor and 3 kills in a Baron pit clash, until INF called GG in the 28th minute through a 4-0 demolish in the Baron pit.

INF then reversed the waves in Game 2 as Gumapas, playing as Ryze got fed early, capped by back-to-back kills to Eric Allen Gubatan, playing as Galio in the mid lane.

The onslaught just didn’t stop there. INF continued to obliterate MSK’s frontlines in the 28th minute as they won the Baron pit clash, 5 for 2, highlighting the Pentakill of Cruz, to tie up the series to 1-1.

But MSK took back the tempo of the series in the final match as Kwon, now playing his signature Shyvana got kills early in the top lane, which was supported by Hernandez’s solo kills on Romas on the same moment.

Having the momentum back in their hands, MSK then extended their perimeter in the 28th minute as they finally wiped out their adversaries in a mid lane inhibitor clash, signaling the victory for the former Worlds contestant.

Meanwhile, Cruz carried the utmost weight for the former relegation squad, garnering most of the kills for INF in the three games.

MSK will try to clinch the top spot in the standings on Friday against the 2016 PGS champions Acclaim EmpireX (0-2, 0-1 in set) while INF tries to come back into the winning column against the revamped Naga eSports (2-0, 1-0 in set) on the same day.

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