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PFL, football personalities release statements on FC Meralco Manila disbandment

The local football community were stunned by Meralco Manila's departure. Mike Romero (file photo)
By JP Abcede

MANILA--The fallout from the break up of FC Meralco Manila continues to be felt as the Philippines Football League and former Global FC head Dan Palami put out statements related to this development.

"The Philippines Football League is saddened by the dissolution of FC Meralco Manila," said Lazarus Xavier, PFL CEO on a post in the league's official website. "The team from Manila has shown utmost professionalism... We commend them for their outstanding performance during the regular season, where they finished in first place."

"The PFL and the rest of the clubs, commiserate with (FCMM) players, staff, and management. We hope that everyone will be able to bounce back in due time," Xavier added.

Meanwhile, Palami posted on his Twitter account, "I expected FC Meralco Manila to be one of the more financially and organizationally stable clubs in the country, so their foldup comes as a shock. But then again, from a purely business point of view, it is a prudent decision considering the first season experience of all the clubs."

Palami furthered, "The amount of resources that club owners allocate for their operations is staggering. The fans can help by spending money to watch games, buy merchandise, and even offer to be a sponsor. We need to support our clubs before it is too late."

Roy Moore of Payatas FC also posted on his Twitter account, "For business reasons, clubs have every right to pull out. They have put a lot more in than they get out. Meralco still deserves a big thank you from the football community."

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