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Reyes says Gilas pool still open to bringing La Salle players in

Ricci Rivero was in attendance during Gilas' first practice for 2018. Nikki Collantes (file photo)
By Ivan Saldajeno

PASIG--Although not included in the "23 for '23" Gilas Cadets pool, Ricci Rivero still showed up in the pool's first practice as a unit alongside the Gilas seniors pool on Monday night at the Meralco Gym.

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For Coach Chot Reyes, it is a proof that the national team can still welcome Rivero to the pool anytime soon.

"The pool is open. We're all inclusive," Reyes said after practice.

However, Reyes clarified, "He came on his own volition."

It can be remembered that it was Rivero's alma mater, La Salle, which asked Reyes not to include Rivero and the rest of the Green Archers for the Gilas pool for the meantime as they are still in the process of transitioning from Aldin Ayo's brand of play to that of Louie Gonzalez.

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But even if Gonzalez's tenure as La Salle coach has been formalized, Reyes bared that the status of the Green Archers being considered for the pool, especially Rivero, remains floating in the air.

"It remains to be seen what's going to happen in the next couple of weeks," Reyes said.

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