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BRE pulls off a thrilling upset over Infuzed for first ’18 PGS Spring series win; TNC stays afloat on top

The 2018 PGS Spring Split roster of Barcy x Rage eSports. Pro Gaming Series

By Ozzy Alaba

MANILA -- Newcomers Barcy x Rage eSports garnered their very first series win as an organization while TNC Pro Team maintained their sizzling-hot winning streak as they swept their respective opponents in the fourth week of 2018 Bacchus PGS Spring Split on Saturday.

BRE, who was stuck in the bottom of the 8-team PGS standings for three consecutive weeks (1-5, 0-3 in set) finally rose to sixth place as they pulled off an electrifying upset over heavy favorites Infuzed eSports, 2-0 with their new AD Carry Andrei Santillan paving the way.

Santillan, also known as Rdie didn’t fail on his debut as a PGS pro, attaining a combined 9/3/8 kill-death-assist record in both games and pacing his team to the important W.

BRE’s sophomore jungler Keiya Laureta, known as XDXP also stepped up big for the new squad, making plays on his signature Nunu to gain a team-high 10 assists on Game 1, which ended through a backdoor by Santillan’s Xayah and top laner Rolando Garcia III’s Camille in the 34th minute.

BRE also got enough poke support from their mid laner Jaime Reyes as he ended the series with a 10/1/4 KDA, bringing his high-scoring mid lane Corki back to the spotlight.

Meanwhile, veteran jungler Albert Navalta displayed a decent performance for INF, obtaining a combined 7/7/15 KDA in both games that merely went for naught.

On the other hand, TNC, who finally savored the moment of ruling the Philippine League of Legends standings last week sustained its fiery momentum by trouncing Naga eSports, 2-0 to maintain the throne in their hands.

TNC’s sophomore mid laner Arrell Hill Nulud and rookie AD Carry Richard Lara, as usual, spearheaded the six-man squad to the right way, bagging most of the kills in both games, highlighting Nulud’s 10/3/4 KDA on mid lane Lucian in Game 2.

Nulud and Lara also got enough support from their jungler Jhaymar Garay as his aggressive-ganking Jarvan IV in Game 2 helped TNC spell Naga’s doom, amassing a perfect 4/0/11 KDA in the end.

However, NE’s rookie top laner Angelico Matheo Natividad led his team, scoring most of the team’s kills in the two games.

BRE will continue its quest for resurgence as they will face former PGS champions Acclaim EmpireX (2-6, 1-3 on set) on Friday while TNC tries to defend its seat – again – on Saturday against Mineski (8-3, 4-0 on set).

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