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Mineski reclaims ’18 PGS Spring top seed, dethrones TNC via clean sweep

The 2018 PGS Spring Split roster of the former Worlds qualifier Mineski. Pro Gaming Series

By Ozzy Alaba

MANILA -- Mineski just showed at their opponents and critics who really is deserving to sit in the throne of the Pro Gaming Series just now.

Mineski fully flashed their vintage championship form as they convincingly swept four-week throne-sitters TNC Pro Team, 2-0 to reclaim the top spot in Day 2 of the fifth week of the 2018 Bacchus PGS Spring Split on Saturday.

Being the frontrunners for the first two weeks not until TNC ousted them, Mineski, who was playing without starting mid laner Eric Allen Gubatan displayed its superiority across the map as substitute James Karl Santos, with the help of his teammates absolutely decimated TNC’s wobbled lanes in both games, forcing them to give the much important W and knock the former first seed holders out of the throne.

Santos, who finished the series with a combined 27 kill-death-assist (KDA) Ratio (13/1/14 KDA) and was hailed as the Player of the Game also got some help in filling Gubatan’s shoes as their support Gerald Gianne Gelacio boosted MSK’s frontlines, playing tanky supports like Leona and Braum to register a combined game-high 32 KDA Ratio (1/1/31 KDA) in the end.

Korean AD Carry Bae Yong-jun also stepped up in Gubatan’s absence, acting as their secondary carry through his Ezreal and semi hypercarry Varus, respectively, which resulted in a 13/2/17 KDA in both games and highlighting his perfect 5/0/8 KDA in Game 1.

Wreaking havoc is Mineski’s main line in the first minutes of the curtain-raiser.

MSK quickly erected a solid 5000-gold margin in the first eight minutes as they scored a 4 for 0 kill advantage across the map, which was then supported by 2 for 0 in a jungle clash, signaling their strong start.

They didn’t let TNC mount a comeback win as the former Worlds contestant dumped them in numerous clashes, secured several towers with the help of Santos utilizing his Taliyah's Reaver's Wall, and the Baron Nashor at the 21st minute, thus ballooning their edge at a season-high 22000-gold and forcing their adversaries to call GG in a 26-minute skirmish.

ALL-AROUND DOMINANCE. Mineski (red side) arguably pulled off one of the biggest lopsided wins as they erected a solid 22,000-gold advantage and an 18-1 kill edge in Game 1 against TNC Pro Team.

Riding the momentum high, MSK then continued their “wreaking-havoc strategy” in Game 2 as they annihilated TNC in a lopsided way, calling the series quits in 27 minutes.

Meanwhile, TNC’s mid laner Arrell Hill Nulud submitted a decent performance for his squad, bagging most of the team’s kills in both games.

While Nulud ended the series with a pretty good showing, their rookie AD Carry Richard Lara under-performed, obtaining a career-low 2/7/1 KDA for the entire series.

MSK will try to defend the top seat in Friday against Naga eSports (5-6, 2-3 on set) while TNC also tries to rebound on Saturday against Imperium Pro Team (6-7, 2-3 on set).

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