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TNC 'finally' claims top seat in ’18 PGS Spring; IPT drubs newcomers BRE for second set win

The 2018 PGS Spring Split roster of TNC Pro Team. Pro Gaming Series 

By Ozzy Alaba

MANILA -- TNC Pro Team successfully secured the top seat in the standings while two-time PGS kings Imperium Pro Team bounced back at their loss in Week 2 as they swept their respective opponents in the third week of the 2018 Bacchus PGS Spring Split on Saturday.

Being knocked by Mineski out at second place last week, TNC, a former relegation team finally savored the moment of being at the top as they stomped the defending PGS champions Team Manila Eagles (TME), 2-0 with their mid laner Arrell Hill Nulud and top-ranked rookie AD Carry Richard Lara paving the way.

Nulud and Lara, known for their nicknames Haze and Demon spearheaded the six-man TNC squad, bagging a combined 40-10-32 kill-death-assist record in both games, and providing some highlight reel-worthy plays like Lara’s Quadra Kill cleanup on Vayne in a game-ending Baron pit clash in Game 2 and Nulud's 13/3/8 KDA on Yasuo in Game 1.

Nulud and Lara also got enough aid from their starting support Beaver Ed Villanueva as he garnered most of the assists for his team in the two games.

Meanwhile, TME's mid laner Robert Dan Mansilungan carried his squad on his back, obtaining a combined 13/5/6 KDA that merely went for naught.

On the other hand, IPT ultimately rebounded their loss against TME in Week 2 as they also trounced Barcy X Rage eSports, 2-0 to climb back in third place in the standings.

Veteran AD Carry Josef Cabero and mid laner Roybie Segovia stepped up big and led IPT all the way, leading the team in kills through their 24 combined kills in both games.

Seasoned support Rogie Dela Cruz also boosted IPT's frontlines, picking tanky supports like Thresh and Braum that resulted in a combined game-high 33-assist output.

IPT also spoiled BRE's substitute Gerald Madrigal's debut, dismantling him in the mid lane to only have a three death-four assist product at the end of Game 2.

However, BRE's sophomore top laner Rolando Garcia III displayed a decent performance for his team, amassing most of the team's kills in both games.

TNC will try to defend their throne on Saturday against the revamped Naga eSports (3-4, 1-2 in set) while IPT continues to climb the top against former rivals Mineski (6-2, 3-0 in set) on the same day.

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