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Different kind of Lenten holidays awaits North Pole marathoner Sangalang

The Holy Week is still work week for North Pole Marathon contestant Louie Sangalang. Ivan Saldajeno (file photo)
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Louie Sangalang admitted that this year's Holy Week will be totally different considering that he is now at the homestretch of his training for the North Pole Marathon.

He said that during this time, he would rather be with his wife seeing the beauty of the sea.

"Every Holy Week, my wife and I are always at the beach," the 40-year-old runner said.

He added that while going out of the country is also an option, this is the first time that they will go way north.

"This time, we're gonna be overseas in an icy area," Sangalang said in particular. "This will be the first time I'm going to be out in a place na may snow."

Despite having to brave the cold this time, he is still happy that his wife will still go with him.

"I'm glad to be spending time with her pa rin," Sangalang said.

Sangalang, his wife, and his team will head to Oslo, Norway on Good Friday and will spend the weekend there.

They will then head for Tromso on Easter Monday, where the final stage of training for the April 9 race will take place.

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