G2 professes dominance over Splyce in '18 EU Spring Semis, advances to fifth EU LCS Finals appearance

THE RETURN OF THE KINGS: G2 Esports members and coaching staff are rejoicing as they will secure the organization's fifth EU LCS Finals appearance, dismantling Splyce in a four-game semifinal date.
By Ozzy Alaba

MANILA -- After all the slump they experienced since the start of the new season, the current Kings of Europe are back to its proving grounds once again -- the EU LCS Finals.

Defending champions G2 Esports (G2) successfully locked in the first slot going to the 2018 European LCS Spring Finals as they exterminated Splyce (SPY) in four nerve-wracking games, 3-1 in their best-of-5 Semifinal date at the EU LCS Battle Arena in Berlin, Germany on Saturday midnight (Philippine time).

Despite having a major roster and coaching staff revamp at the pre-season and starting the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split through a slump in the early weeks, the six-man squad still displayed why they are the Kings of Europe for the past two years as they single-handedly decapitated SPY's solo lanes with the help of their Danish top laner Martin Hansen (Wunder) and G2's long-tenured mid laner Luka Perković (Perkz), which propelled them to their fifth EU LCS Finals appearance since their promotion to the EU LCS in 2016.

With this, Hansen and Perković concluded the four-game series with a combined 4.67 Kill-Death-Assist (KDA) Ratio (16/9/36 KDA) in their three wins, accentuating Hansen's incredible performance on Swain and Fiora, and Perković's highlight reel-worthy plays on Zoe in Game 3.

Aside from their solo laners, G2's Swedish AD Carry Petter Freyschuss (Hjarnan) also provided quality minutes for the whole team as he got the Player of the Series through his excellent showing on Tristana and Jhin, letting him bag a combined team-high 19/2/22 KDA (20.5 KDA Ratio) in the end.

Freyschuss's Korean partner Kim Bae-in (Wadid), alongside with former Worlds semifinalist Marcin Jankowski (Jankos) also didn't fail in supporting their carries into their backs as they lead the team in kill participation (62.5 percent) in their three wins and in the assists department (combined 56 assists).

SPY, meanwhile, could have the chance of getting the wins in the entire series as they took the curtain-raiser in a 41-minute bloodfest, but G2 still found a way to clinch their ticket through suppressing their gained momentum, with Freyschuss and Perković leading the charge, which ultimately forced the former to call GG.

SPY's resident mid laner Yasin Dinçer and AD Carry Kasper Kobberup, as usual, headed the team's onslaught, leading them in kills (each of them garnering 6 kills) in the entire series.

With the win, G2 will be assured of acquiring of at least 70 to 90 Championship Points, which are vital for the squad's 2018 World Championship qualification, and will wait on the winner between former Kings of Europe Fnatic (FNC) and Team Vitality (VIT) in the Semifinals, which they will face in the Finals on Sunday midnight (Philippine time) at Copenhagen.

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