Splyce sets up date with G2 in '18 EU Spring Semis, sweeps sixth-seeded ROCCAT in QFs

REJOICE. Splyce members and coaching staff celebrate after their victory against Team ROCCAT in the Quarterfinals. YouTube
By Ozzy Alaba

MANILA --  Splyce is definitely back to its dominant senses.

Splyce (SPY) euphorically secured the first 2018 EU LCS Spring Semifinal slot after sweeping the sixth-seeded Team ROCCAT (ROC) in three fast-paced games, 3-0 in their best-of-5 Quarterfinal date at the EU LCS Battle Arena in Denmark on Friday midnight (Philippine time).

The all-European quintet of Andrei Pascu (Odoamne), Andrei Dragomir (Xerxe), Yasin Dinçer (Nisqy) and the bot lane duo of Kasper Kobberup (Kobbe) and Raymond Tsang (kaSing), as usual, didn't fail to impress the jam-packed crowd as they utilized their special off-meta picks perfectly and with ease, fully annihilating all of ROC’s lanes in the entire series, which propelled the veteran-packed roster to the much-important victory.

Pascu, H2K Gaming’s former top laner alongside with the series win, was also hailed as the Player of the Series as his Sion and Camille proved to be a thorn on the opposition, scoring a combined 5.4 Kill-Death-Assist (KDA) Ratio (11/5/16 KDA) and a merged 11/2/7 KDA on Camille, where he picked her in Games 2 and 3.

Kobberup, Tsang, and Dragomir also stepped up big to support Pascu in carrying as the top-notch trio amassed a combined 17 KDA Ratio (10/6/92 KDA), accentuating Dragomir’s 1/1/13 KDA on the unconventional Trundle in Game 3 and Kobberup’s perfect combined 7/0/24 KDA on both Caitlyn and the off-meta Jhin in the three-game run.

Dinçer, former Team EnVyUs’s resident mid laner also provided quality minutes for the coach Peter Dun-headed squad as his surprise pick of Kassadin and the newly-reworked Swain impacted ROC’s core rotational strategy, ending the series with a combined game-high 34 KDA Ratio (22/1/12 KDA) and highlighting his flawless 12/0/2 KDA on Kassadin In Game 1, and a 4/1/6 KDA on Swain in the final game.

Meanwhile, ROC’s Korean imports Kim Jun-hyung (Profit) and Jin Seong-min (Blanc) displayed a decent performance, garnering a combined 1 KDA Ratio (6/14/8 KDA), alongside with Norwegian support Tore Hoel Eilertsen (Norskeren), who finished the series with an individual 2/12/9 KDA (0.92 KDA Ratio), a team-high for the non-Korean members.

It could have been a long game for ROC in the curtain-raiser as they stalled enough time through their kills, but SPY still found a way to shut them down as Dinçer rampaged with his Kassadin in Game 1, which tilted ROC in the next two games, and forced to call GG in less than three hours of continuous action.

With their win, SPY will continue its title bid quest on Saturday (Philippine time) against the current Kings of Europe, G2 Esports in the best-of-5 semifinals in the same venue.

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