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Villarica scores seven podium finishes, new NR Singles, Averages to end Mindanao C'ships Day 1

SMILES: Robbie Villarica (on picture) poses a smile after breaking the Rubik's Clock National Record (NR) Single and Average at Day 1 of the 2018 Mindanao Championships at Tagum, Davao del Norte. Philippine Cubers Association Official Group Page (Yuji Yoshida) 

By Ozzy Alaba 

TAGUM (UPDATED) -- 22-time National Record (NR) holder Robbie Villarica started his 2018 Mindanao Speedcubing Championships quest with a boom after securing seven podium finishes and smashed four NRs in the first day of the competition at Robinsons Place - Tagum, Saturday.

The Quezon City native placed first in 5x5x5 Cube - Combined Finals, clocking in a mean of 1:09.50, 6x6x6 Cube - Combined Finals with 2:35.97, Rubik's Clock - Finals with 5.98 seconds, Pyraminx - Finals with 4.63 seconds and Square-1 - Combined Finals with 11.95 seconds. He also garnered the bronze medal in 7x7x7 Cube - Combined Finals, submitting a mean of 3:27.53 and Skewb - Combined Finals with 5:20 seconds.

Aside from those, he also snapped his own Rubik's Clock NR in a Single solve (5.08 seconds) with his 4.82-second Single solve, Average (6.15 seconds) with the 5.98-second mean, and Square-1 Average (11.31 seconds) with the 11.95 second-mean, placing the former into eighth place in the World Record (WR) standings.

On the way, he also eclipsed Delbert John Salandanan's five-month-old NR single on Square-1 with his 10.11-second Single solve.

Meanwhile, Clyde Dencer Tutor still reigned supreme in the Megaminx category - National standings, amassing the first-place spot in Single (43.97 seconds) and Average (45.73 seconds), and also breaking his one-year-old NRs (44.29 seconds in Single, 48.03 seconds in Average) in both events through the results mentioned.

Daryll Ben Relatorres and young two-time NR holder Leo Borromeo, on the other hand, also propelled themselves in the top 10 of the 2x2x2 Cube Philippine standings as they joined Villarica in the podium as the champion and 1st runner-up, respectively through their sub-3 second means.

The said event was organized by Jerlyn Alvar Manginlaud, Zian Kiero Nichole Callao, and Team Elite - Cubing owner Richert Jay Pinca, and sponsored by famous cube brand QiYi Mofangge.

3x3x3 Cube - Combined Finals, One Handed, With Feet and Fewest Moves, and 4x4x4 Cube - Combined Finals will be competed on Sunday.

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