All-Lakay title bout possible pending Pinnacle of Power results, but Kingad to still give way to "senior" Eustaquio

Danny Kingad could be in for a world title shot, but a showdown with Lakay teammate Geje Eustaquio is also possible.
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Adriano Moraes and even Geje Eustaquio may need to watch the showdown between Danny Kingad and Ma Hao Bin while they prepare for their battle.

A future fight for Moraes' One flyweight belt could be at stake as Kingad and Ma collide in one of the undercards of One: Pinnacle of Power in Macau next Saturday.

Kingad and Ma have been stellar in their first matches under One Championship, making them worthy to be next in line to contend for the said championsip.

The flyweight belt is actually on the line next week as Moraes and Eustaquio, the interim champ, battle for the right to become the undisputed One champ in the main event.

However, a win by both Kingad and Eustaquio will be interesting as this could mean they may clash in an all-Filipino MMA title fight--and an all-Team Lakay battle at that.

But Kingad insisted that he will not fight his stablemate even if a world title is at stake.

“That's not going to happen. We always go at it in practice anyway. I'm happy that I get to spar with him all the time because he pushes me to the limit. We push each other, and we push each other to the next level,” he shared. “I will support coach Geje all the way."

Kingad also said that he will be fine even if he gives way to Eustaquio.

“I don’t mind filling [the gatekeeper] role if ever he wins against Adriano Moraes. He is my senior, and we are teammates. He is like a brother to me,” Kingad stated. “I am still young. I believe that my time will come.”

He added, “I will be super happy for coach Geje if he wins the match in Macau. It’s an honor to be competing alongside him on June 23. I’ve learned a lot of things from him. For this training camp, I’ve spent more time with him. I want him to win the title,”

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