ArkAngel survives EMP's scare, bags final PH Ticket to Globe Conquerors Manila

By Ozzy Alaba

QUEZON CITY -- And the cast is now complete.

ArkAngel scored its major payback on their Saturday loss as they dismantled Emperor Esports, 3-1 to secure the final Philippine ticket to the Globe Conquerors Manila 2018 - Main Event in their best-of-5 Lower Bracket Finals brawl at the Ayala Malls - Cloverleaf in Balintawak, Sunday afternoon.

ARK, who was swept by Mineski in the Upper Bracket Finals last Saturday bounced back big as they capitalized mainly on silencing EMP's gold-funneling strategy, which caught the latter off-guard, ultimately to their dominant takeover.

This was clearly evident early in the series as ARK's mid laner Robert Dan (Trebor) Mansilungan, who played as a smited Aatrox went on a rampage, racking 10 kills, getting the 1-0 series lead in 33 minutes.

They even supported this onslaught in Game 3, where ARK, this time put bot laner Keefe Jyro (Zensho) Pascual on the spotlight, popping out his opponents simultaneously with his fed Veigar, which let the team secure the match point.

With this bloodthirst present in their hands, ARK continued to pummel their opposition and never looked back ever since.

ARK then put a similar show in the final game of the series as they took the control of the game for 85%, continuously shutting down jungler Ashley (Spe4rrrrr) Tenorio, the benefactor of the Xayah-centered gold funneling composition; it almost went to naught as Tenorio got the groove, scoring straight kills, but this wasn't enough as the former found its last resort, eliminating both him and bot laner Neil Harold (Mirmoooo) Gabriel, putting the series to its conclusion

For EMP, its biggest chances on clinching victory came on Game 2, where they leaned on Espejo's gigantic Cho'Gath and Tenorio's heroics on Xayah in the 24th minute, which scored a Triple Kill in the final teamfight, but this wasn't enough as the latter pounded them in the next two games, causing their downfall.

With the win, ARK will join Mineski and Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur Hunters  in the list of the official attendees of the Main Event.

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