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TNT puts loss to SMB under protest

TNT thought it didn't deserve to be called with too many fouls. PBA Media Bureau
By Ivan Saldajeno

QUEZON CITY--If you are a San Miguel fan still feeling happy following your team's come-from-behind win on Monday night, hold your horses for now.

TNT made an initial intention to put its game under protest.

Team manager Virgil Villavicencio made the KaTropa's plead known by signing the score sheet to signify the intent.

Villavicencio and Head Coach Nash Racela declined to give comment on what led them to the said move, but the foul and free throw discrepancies could be clues on the real reason.

TNT gave up 35 fouls leading to 40 SMB free throw attempts against only 19 SMB fouls and 18 TNT charity tries.

Renaldo Balkman made a living from the foul stripe the entire game, having 16 attempts, almost equaling the KaTropa's total free throw attempts, and converting 14 of them.

Should TNT decide to push through, Commissioner Willie Marcial said that it has until 12 p.m. Tuesday to file a formal protest.

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