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Fifty days after his appointment, Butcher quits Azkals

Terry Butcher, pictured here as Inverness gaffer in 2010, will not arrive in the country to handle the Azkals. W.L. Talbert/Wikimedia Commons
By Kevin Estrada

MANILA--Terry Butcher will not arrive in the Philippines this month to handle the men's national team.

This comes after the England legend told Press Association's chief football writer Simon Peach that he has left the post as the Azkals manager.
Butcher, whose last job was at Newport in 2015, further explained to Peach that he did not able to build a robust plan on his own terms, leading to his departure from the Asian Cup debutants.
In arguably the shortest managerial stint in the country's footballing history, Butcher spent fifty days and did not even handle a single training session to boot, after his ballyhooed appointment on the opening day of the World Cup.

Scott Cooper (right) will be handling the Azkals in the meantime. Glen Charles Lopez/PFF
In his departure, the Azkals turned to the team's senior adviser Scott Cooper to handle the national team matters in the meantime, as the side ranked 115th in the world saw their buildup to the AFF Championship and their much-anticipated Asian Cup debut hit a massive hump.

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