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For Gawain Johnstone, basic lifts helps athletes a lot

Gawain Johnstone is currently in the Philippines to promote powerlifting.
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--If Gawain Johnstone is to be asked, powerlifting is just like any other sport where physical skills are being tested.

The Filipino-Australian powerlifter said that three of the exercises powerlifters do are also three of the exercises other athletes do for their conditioning and strength training.

“The pure lifts of powerlifting, meaning the squat, bench press and deadlifts, are the basics of every sport,” said Johnstone. “For every sport, there is an element of strength, whether it be power, whether it be endurance, or some level of conditioning. Those three lifts, they all aid every sport that is played, whether it be basketball, boxing, athletics, football, etc.”

Johnstone is currently in the country to promote powerlifting to his fellow Filipinos.

He is also using his time here to train for the Proraw Big Dogs 3 on Oct. 14 in Melbourne.

A former national powerlifting champ in Australia, Johnstone made headlines by doing a 420-kilogram squat recently, the first male Australian to do so.

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