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TNC Predator suffers huge collapse, falls to VGJ Storm

By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--TNC Predator failed to complete a Game 1 domination and eventually fell to VGJ Storm in Day 3 of the group stages of The International 2018 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver early Saturday (Philippine Time).

TNC, which entered the Saturday games in third place in Group B, was on track of dealing the group-leading VGJ Storm only its second loss of the tournament in Game 1 as Sam Hidalgo's Nature Prophet took control of the top lane and even took one of the barracks there down while Roman Fominok, playing Bloodseeker, struggled to find his groove against supports Tims Randrup and skipper Carlo Palad.

However, a huge Aegis steal by Fominok set up VGJ Storm's comeback, while Avery Silverman, using Jakiro, was able to defend the top lane pretty well.

Eventually, Armel Tabios' Lina lost steam, and Marc Fausto's Phantom Lancer struggled to hold off Fominok's surge, leading to TNC calling GG.

Yawar Hassan then put on a show in Game 2 as Venomancer as TNC was forced to concede after VGJ Storm's quick deposing.

The 2-0 sweep earned VGJ Storm the first Top 4 spot in Group B, which means the American side will be part of the upper bracket in the playoffs.

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