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Pacio, Kingad dedicate wins to Ompong victims

Joshua Pacio said his newly-won One Championship belt is for Itogon.
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Joshua Pacio stepped into the One Championship cage in Jakarta with his relatives, friends, and their fellow residents in Itogon in mind.

The said town was among the places that were hit badly by Typhoon Ompong nearly two weeks ago.

The huge landslide in Itogon, just seven kilometers away from Team Lakay's home turf of Baguio, was one proof of the damages done by Ompong in Benguet.

"That’s where a lot of my family [members are]," said Pacio, who considers Itogon his home.

While he felt a sigh of relief that his relatives were spared of the brunt of the storm's wrath, he expressed concern to his fellow Itogon residents, especially the families of the people who died in the landslide.

"My heart goes out to all of them," Pacio continued.

The tragedy in Itogon gave Pacio extra motivation to vie for Yoshitaka Naito's One strawweight championship at One: Conquest of Heroes early Sunday (Philippine Time).

Pacio succeeded in taking the belt, beating Naito via unanimous decision in the main event.

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"This championship is for them," Pacio said.

Danny Kingad, who beat Yuya Wakamatsu earlier in the card, had a similar win dedication.

"This win is for my family and for the people that were affected by the typhoon in Itogon," Kingad said.

Also, he expressed optimism that the town will bounce back quickly following the storm.

"I have no doubt in my mind that they will be back on their feet and recover from this like champions," Kingad further said.

He then gave one last motivation: "People from Benguet, people from the Cordilleras, we are strong. We are warriors."

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