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Ahead of their rematch with Laguna, Manson wary of Davao fitness after the international break

Leigh Manson was proud that they send the most number of players to the Azkals during the break, but it will not matter if they drop their final Copa tie in Laguna. Kennelf Monteza/Dugout Philippines
By Kevin Estrada

For Davao assistant Leigh Manson, Wednesday's reverse fixture away at Stallion Laguna will be an acid test, especially after sending the most players among PFL clubs during the international break.

After drawing them in their first fixture in the final Wednesday of September, the Scot hopes that they can seal their top spot in Group A in BiƱan with only a draw, as he rue the missed chances to get them all three points in Rizal.

"Disappointed that we didn't score. But we're not worried about the other clubs," Manson said after their goalless stalemate that confirmed Ceres Negros' elimination from the Copa Paulino Alcantara three weeks ago.

The former Global Cebu gaffer was worried about the jet lag that their eleven players they would have going to the crucial tie later in the afternoon, after seeing them go westward to Bangladesh and Qatar, where the Azkals played the most number of matches in one month, with four matches being played.

"The biggest challenge for us is that we have eleven players away for the Azkals. We'll not be able [to know the fitness] until the Oman game is finished. That will be a challenge for us when you lose that quantity of players," he concluded.

During the internationa break, only four players took the pitch during their Bangabandhu Gold Cup campaign in Bangladesh and their 1-1 draw with Oman.

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