Ayo talks about playing against his former team

By Yann Magcamit

MANILA --  All eyes were on Coach Aldin Ayo as he faced off his former team, the DLSU Green Archers, with his new troupe, the UST Growling Tigers, for the very first time during UAAP Season 81.

However, Coach Ayo had told everyone to divert their attention away from him - because he's not what mattered the most during the game.

"This is not for me, this is for UST. Let’s play for UST. Let’s play for alma mater," he recounted telling his players, who he believes has the most vital role in the game.

"Sila ang nagtrabaho. Sila yung nag-ensayo. We’re just there to guide them eh so it’s up to the players," Coach Ayo pointed out, emphasizing on the roles which both sides play and weighing in on which one actually plays a more integral part in sending their opponents to home defeated as obvious as it is.
He did share his thoughts about facing his former team, though, especially his recruits to the Green side, Aljun Melecio and Justine Baltazar, who led the Archers to a 99-72 victory over the Tigers.

"Facing against them, well for me, I’m very happy. I’m very much contented that I’m on the other side because I know the feeling pag andun ka, pag dun ka na nagcocoach. So even though ganito yung outcome, I’m still very, very happy that I’m in UST," he said.

Ayo then expressed that he does not believe in taking credits for players or teams as a coach ,because again, it is the players who hold the key to owning the court.

"Again, It’s not me, It’s not the coaches. It’s about the players," he repeated. "Kasi nakaupo lang kami dun, nakatayo lang kami dun. Ang naglalaro ay yung mga players eh, di ba? So sila yung gagawa ng sarili nila."

He also added that the indication of whether his decision to switch sides paid off or not will not show itself immediately - and thus, we shall wait.

"Makikita mo naman kung tama yung decision mo after 10-15 years eh. We’ll see, kung after 10-15 years, kung nasaan na yung mga players na yun, yung mga players natin, yung mga coaches nun, yung mga coaches dito sa UST, yung mga managers - makikita lang natin yan after 10-15 years," he said.

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