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Soaring Falcon Manganti considers win to La Salle: "One of his biggest game"

by Franchesca Nicole Collantes

MANILA - Since Season 78, Adamson Soaring Falcons badly want to defeat the DLSU Green Archers. Soaring Falcon Sean Manganti was eager to beat the Green Archers as before he used to train for the Green Archers but ended up on the Falcons lair.

Manganti told the reporters post game that, "I was in high school in the States. I came here in my eleventh grade, I practiced with them and they didn't talk to me, they treated me like nobody, nothing happened."

Manganti also added that, "I just went home, finished high school and then found a home in Adamson".

Manganti ended up and found a home in the Falcons lair. During the seven games he played against La Salle, they didn't get a win not until yesterday that finally, the Falcons finally beat the Archers, 57-50.

Manganti considered yesterday's game as one of his biggest game in his entire UAAP career.

Manganti has 19 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and a block that greatly help for the Falcons win against the Archers.

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