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DOTA 2 publisher issues statement on alleged racist slurs by Chinese club

Vici called out TNC Predator's Carlo Palad last week for apparent racist slurs.

By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Valve said that it is not tolerating any racial discrimination among DOTA 2 players, especially the pros amidst claims by a Chinese team that two players hurled racial insults.

Vici, in a statement, called out Complexity's Andrei Ong and TNC's Carlo Palad for saying "chingchong" remarks.

Vici felt offended with the remarks, considering that it thought they insulted their language, even saying, "Youth and ignorance are not an excuse for such mistakes."

"We want to be very clear that Valve will not tolerate racist language between pro players in any form," Valve said in a statement on Sunday. "We think it is really damaging to the entire Dota community whenever even a single professional player uses discriminatory language. It pits fans against each other, belittles and demeans entire groups and makes them feel like they are not as important."

The eSports company also called on the DOTA clubs "to hold their players accountable, and be prepared to follow up with strong punishments when players represent Dota and its community poorly."

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