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Farrell aims for more world title fights under Ringstar

Scott Farrell receives the Orient Promoter of the Year award in the WBC Asian Summit. Peter James
By Dugout Philippines

SINGAPORE--When Ringstar Founder and CEO Scott Patrick Farrell received the ‘Orient Promoter of the Year’ award on Nov. 17 at the WBC Asian Summit in Manila, Philippines, the friendly Englishman felt a sense of satisfaction that comes from not only the fruits of hard work, but the recognition of his vision for Asian boxing that few if anyone has ever been able to fulfill.

“It’s good to be recognized,” Farrell said after receiving the handsome plaque from WBC Asia President Pol. General Kovid Bhakdibhum. “People are starting to see that it’s not about who has the loudest voice as a promoter, it’s also recognizing the investment that a promoter is making in building the sport from the ground up. I’m about true matchmaking and giving the fans exciting fights combined with true back stories of humanity and sacrifice. Ringstar is the first legit boxing promotion and sports property truly invested in producing Asian boxers to become global stars of the sport. This is who I am.”

Farrell is clearly on a passion-filled mission to make Asia a true hub of the sport, rather than just a place that feeds boxing promotions in other parts of the world.

“Boxing to me is about putting on great fights,” Farrell said, “and there’s a lot of really, really good talent in Asia. I think we need to build a platform to showcase these guys. That’s better than sending them to the US or Europe as opponents.”

A long time resident of the Asian region and, particularly Singapore, Farrell founded the Singapore-based Ringstar in 2017. He has since produced five major fight cards, and has showcased some of the top rising talent from throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

He has managed to secure broadcast rights to sports channels worldwide who have clearly been won over by his desire to put on competitive fights that boxing fans have long wanted to see.

Some of the talent currently fighting under the Ringstar banner include IBO World Bantamweight champion Michael Dasmarinas of the Philippines, IBO Intercontinental Featherweight champion Muhamad Ridhwan of Singapore, New Zealand based Thai super featherweight Nort Beauchamp, welterweight Chinese slugger Keng Fai, WBC Asia Continental Light Heavyweight Champion Mirage Khan, New Zealand boxing champion Cairo George, among others.

Farrell also recently signed three-time IBO world champion and former WBO World Bantamweight champion, Paulus Abunda from Namibia.

Farrell consistently makes it a point to let anyone know that he is not about simply pushing his fighters to win bogus regional titles so they can manage to get world title fights that they are not ready for.

It’s all about preparing his fighters properly with real fights and solid matchmaking.

It’s a lesson he learned from observing one of the world’s hottest sports properties.

“Look at how the UFC built MMA,” Farrell said. “And I’m not even a big fan of MMA but I am a fan of the UFC and how they built their story. And I saw them and I said, ‘This is what boxing needs; good, strong fights where the belts become worthy of defending again, where they mean something to the fighters, the fans.’ We want to put on fights with a guy who is 15-0 vs another guy who is 15-0. We don’t want to put on fights where we pad out records or it’s just to push one fighter forward. We’re not about robbing the fans or the boxers.

“Boxing is a true sport in which where you think you are, and where you actually are, are two different things, and you can easily get found out if you’re not prepared. With my fighters they are fighting trilogies before they move on. One good example is Mirage Khan and Chase Haley. I had these guys go 30 rounds against each other. And they’ve both moved on, and they are now much better prepared. I know I could put each of them against a genuine top 50 fighter in the world, and the odds are they are going to beat them because they are better prepared. A lot of those guys in the top 50 have only got there through pure mathematics and bad matchmaking.

“This is not a new recipe. It’s what you, me and the fans have been saying for years; ‘Come on guys, let’s see some fights.’

A good example of the type of fights Farrell likes to produce will come in Singapore in March 2019 when Ringstar presents the first of four big shows for 2019.

One particular fight on the card will feature New Zealander Nort Beauchamp(17-2, 3Kos) against Indonesia’s Defry Palulu(20-2-1) whom many are saying is the successor to the great Chris John.

“These are two very strong contenders,” Farrell said. “This is for a regional title, 12 rounds, and look at the quality of it. This is a very solid matchup and you don’t often see this kind of matchup at a world level.”

This type of exciting matchmaking has been par for the course for Farrell over his first two years as a promoter, and will continue to fuel his every move as he builds Ringstar into a global brand straight out of Asia. It’s a formula sure to garner even more accolades and awards in the coming years.

“I want to build Ringstar throughout Asia with integrity, great fights and to make Asian boxers global names through the sport. And we are on the way to doing that. We’ve got two IBO world champions, and six regional champions. In 2019, I’m looking to put on some good world title fights from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand. You’re going to see a huge rise in Ringstar and our boxers fighting for some of big titles in the world. And then not just moving on, but defending that title.

“When you switch on Ringstar you know it’s going to be entertaining, it’s going to be great fights, and the belt is going to mean something both to the fans, and the fighters involved.

“This is what everyone likes. Yes, as a promoter you are rolling the dice at times and your guys can sometimes lose. But you are delivering something that people want to pay for and watch. It gives everybody great value. Every time I put two fighters in that ring, I want everyone to say, ‘Great fight, great match, that’s boxing.’”

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