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Possible huge blow for TNC as Palad could get stern pre-Chongqing Major penalty

Carlo Palad is facing a tournament ban from China.
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--The Chinese DOTA 2 community is still taking Carlo Palad and Andrei Ong's racial slurs heavily.

The organizers of the upcoming Chongqing Major hinted at a possibility of banning both Palad and Ong from the said tournament.

"Skem (Ong) and Kuku (Palad) are most likely to get banned," Jacky Mao, Ong's teammate at Complexity, confirmed the development on Twitter.

However, Mao also thought that the possible ban on the Filipino players is too stiff for an infraction that they already apologized for.

"Personally, [I] don’t feel like they deserve such a harsh punishment if they don’t have malicious intent in what they have said," he further said.

Ong and Palad hurled the same derogatory word to their Chinese opponents in separate occasions.

Ong commented the said slur in a DreamLeague Season 10 match but was quick to apologize for the said matter. Complexity, however, later waived Ong.

Palad, on the other hand, made the similar mistake in a public game, but the aftermath of his case is an interesting one.

While he "apologized" by clarifying that the in-game name of his Chinese opponent is the derogatory phrase itself, it was later revealed that the said foe was playing under a different IGN by the time they faced off and that he only changed it afterward.

TNC's manager Paulo Sy later admitted that he made the cover-up and took the blame for it.

If the sanctions push through, TNC will dearly miss the services of Palad, who had a resurgence as the offlane hero during the team's Top 6 run in the Kuala Lumpur Major.

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