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Bizarre ending in DOTA 2 match as Indon side concedes despite actually winning

Randy "Dreamocel" Sapoetra was the first to concede for Boom ID without knowing his team had a chance to steal the win (inset). Screen capture from YouTube
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--In what could be the most awkward endgame sequence DOTA 2 has ever seen, an Indonesian team called "GG" just when they were about to win.

Boom ID conceded Game 1 of its Bucharest Minor lower bracket playoff series against American opponent Team Team without realizing that it could have won the match.

The moment began in the 49th minute of the said match, when Team Team went for an all-or-nothing push to the middle lane, in which Boom ID was obliged to defend.

Team Team, behind Sammy Anderson and Eric Dong, got three unanswered kills against the then undermanned Boom ID, forcing the buyback from Tri Kuncoro.

Randy Sapoetra's Slark finally got back to play after dying in an earlier clash, but he came a bit too late as Team Team continued on razing the middle lane.

Little did Boom ID--and probably Team Team as well--knew that the former's creeps had a wide open top lane for them to raze the already exposed latter's ancient.

But instead of Boom ID pulling off an encore of fellow Southeast Asian club Fnatic's "next level play" against Secret in ESL One Katowice last year, Boom ID opted to focus on defending their own territory, and after Anderson pawned Kuncoro, Sapoetra first called GG just when Team Team finished destroying Boom ID's last Tier 4 tower but with Team Team's ancient halfway into getting razed.

Interestingly enough, Boom ID took Game 2, meaning the team could have swept the do-or-die series against Team Team if not for the premature GG calling.

Instead, a rubber match was played, and Team Team ousted Boom ID from the tournament.

Boom ID went home with US$7,500 (about PHP391,000) and 20 DOTA Pro Circuit points alongside fellow early boot Playmakers

The Bucharest Minor, where US$125,000 (roughly PHP6.52 million) and 120 DPC Points are on the line, serves as a qualifier for the Chongqing Major.

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