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Yuki Ishihara leaves Stallion Laguna

Yuki Ishihara, right, is bidding adieu to Stallion Laguna. Art Enriquez/Stallion Laguna FC (file photo)
By Xy-Zha Cabanlong

MANILA—"Suddenly, I decided to retire."

This was the opening statement of Yuki Ishihara that was posted on his Instagram account on Friday night, which was originally written in Japanese, announcing that he is leaving Stallion Laguna.
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【報告】 突然ですが、STALLION LAGUNA FC 退団&引退することになりました。 退団についてこの場で多くは語りませんが、チーム状勢が良くなくて、条件が合わなくなったので、退団と引退を決意しました。 まだ25歳と若いですが、家族や友人、チームメイト、他にも色々な方と話して決めました。 高校サッカー部引退してから約4年間まともにサッカーせずに大学生活を送ってきて、就職活動の時に、挑戦に遅すぎる事はないと再起し、大学卒業後にフィリピンにて念願のプロ入りを果たしました。 プロといっても、日本に比べればレベルも給料も明らかに差があって、特に初年度はカツカツの毎日でした。 でも全く経歴もなく、4年間サッカーから離れていた自分を信じてレギュラーとして出場機会を与えてくれたチームのオーナーや監督には本当に感謝しています。フィリピンサッカーを通じて、色んな国の選手と友達になったり、英語を学べたり、人としても成長できたんじゃないかなと思います。 短いプロ選手生活でしたが、かけがえのない貴重な時間でした。 たくさんの方から応援を頂いたのに、期待を裏切る形となってしまって、申し訳ありません。 これからは新しい目標に向かって、日本で頑張っていきます。 . . ------------------------------ To team & friends. . Thank you for giving me an opportunity for playing. and thanks for being kind to me all the time. Sometimes, I didn't understand 100% what you were saying. but you guys keep explained to me. I can't thank you enough. I hope to see you again. You are all the best. I love you so much forever dude! WE ARE STALLION #philppines #football #soccer #goodluck #thanksfull #フィリピン #サッカー選手

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He then revealed that concerns regarding his club prompted him to leave.

"Although I won't say much about [my] departure at this place, I decided to leave and retire as the condition of the team is not good and the conditions no longer match," said the young right back.

Verzosa also mentioned that he consulted his friends and family prior to his decision to leave the club.

He, however, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the fans of the club and those who supported him in his tenure with Stallion.

"I have no background at all, I really appreciate the owner and manager of the team who believed in me for 4 years and gave me the opportunity to participate as a regular. Through Philippine football, I think I that I was able to gain friends through the players from various countries, learn English, and grow as a person. It was a short professional athletic life but it was precious and irreplaceable. I got cheering from a lot of people, I am sorry to have disappointed in expectation. From now on, I will try my best in Japan towards my new goal," Ishihara further said.

Ishihara's departure from Stallion Laguna came prior to the expected release of their official line-up for the Philippine Premier League.

Head coach Ernie Nierras looks to unveil the club roster just before the transfer window ends by Jan. 31.

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