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Max's Group gives PHP10.5M investment to POC in quest for Olympic gold

Top officials of the Max's Group handed out a PHP10.5 million pledge to the Philippine Olympic Committee to give support to the local Olympians. Ivan Saldajeno
By Ivan Saldajeno

TAGUIG--With one year left before the Summer Olympics, the Philippine Olympic Committee got a huge backer in its quest for the much-coveted gold in the Max's Group Inc.

The restaurant group behind Max's Fried Chicken, Yellow Cab, and Pancake House and the Philippine arm of Krispy Kreme pledged a PHP10.5 million investment to the POC in efforts to motivate the athletes in getting the much-coveted gold medal.

The investment was formalized in a ceremony held at Max's Kabisera on Thursday.

"With our partnership with MGI for Tokyo 2020, we will be able to ground a new wave of Filipino pride for the world to see," said POC president Ricky Vargas.

The top officials of the Max's Group led by president and CEO Robert Trota handed out the investment to those of the POC led by Vargas.

"We've structured our pledge so that we address what we call the three F's: flagbearers, families, and fans," said Trota.

The investment, which includes a PHP3 million incentive for gold medalists, will be allocated for the training of the athletes.

The athletes' families will also get some benefits from the Max's Group while they are in training.

"They don't have to worry about their welfare while they train for and compete in the Olympics," Trota continued.

Also, the fans will get a chance to cheer for their athletes as three lucky fans can win a pair of tickets each to Tokyo to watch the games live in an upcoming raffle.

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