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PSC chair Ramirez says PH sports "in shambles" following POC debacle

PSC chairman Butch Ramirez is not liking the situation in the POC.

By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA—Philippine Sports Commission chairman Butch Ramirez thinks the current drama surrounding the Philippine Olympic Committee is placing the local sports community in a tough situation.

"Today, we wake up to a Philippine sports world in shambles," Ramirez said in a statement on Tuesday. "After the tumultuous event in the yard of our POC partners, we all find ourselves at a crossroads in our journey."

On Monday, POC president Ricky Vargas, in a speech during its general assembly, rued the politicking inside the said organization, leading to him announcing some changes on who will run some positions and a call for an early general election against the traditions.

"I believe that unity is vital in any endeavor. More so in this ideal, that we all undertake in our own capacities - to push Philippine sports to its highest possibilities," Ramirez continued.

He added that the current debacle with the POC could stagnate the local grassroots sports development, citing how the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, and the Department of Interior and Local Government have been batting for unity among the POC.

"As sports leaders and adults, it is our duty to show our youth that national interest always places ahead of our personal interests," Ramirez continued.

He then said, "As the Chairman of the PSC, I call upon all our sports leaders to step back and take a moment to consider peaceful interactions. I still believe that we can all sit down and civilly thresh out what needs to be straightened out. The PSC is open to host a dialogue between parties and provide neutral ground for everyone to air their side and ultimately to either sacrifice or step-up in the interest of a unified sporting community."

He concluded, "The PSC Board will be diligently observing and will not be shy to take drastic measures, in the midst of these developments."

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