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Green Archers United now on a roll as they trounce Mendiola FC

By Xy-Zha Cabanlong

MANILA — The Green Archers United are making a statement that they are out to seriously compete against the teams in the Philippines Football League as they defeated Mendiola FC in fashion, 5-1, Sunday afternoon at the PFF Training Center in Carmona.

Val Jurao scored an early goal which clocked in at the 4th minute of the game, setting the pace of the direction on where the Green Archers are headed on to the game.

Mendiola, however was able to score the equaliser at the 28th minute through the efforts of Rey Franco de la Torre.

Both squads were inseparable at the end of the first half.

Coming off the locker room to start the second half, the Green Archers were gritty enough to slay their opponent and was determined to score more goals and walk away with the win.

Veteran Tating Pasilan etched his name on the scoreboard by hitting the second goal for the Green Archers at the 53rd minute.

Just three minutes after, Jurao scored his second goal in the game.

Mendiola tried to make efforts to score at least one more goal but the Green Archers defense was too tough for them to handle.

Come the 64th minute, Kim Hyun Kyoon finds the back of the net and scored the 4th goal for the Archers.

As if their score wasn't enough to prove that the game is already in their hands, John Celiz stabs the final dagger against Mendiola to seal off the win through his 93rd minute goal.

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