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Maika Rivera airs her side on rift with Calvin Abueva

Ray-Ray Parks's girlfriend clarified matters regarding how her confrontation with Calvin Abueva went. PBA Media Group (file photo)
By Xy-Zha Cabanlong

MANILA — Maika Rivera, the girlfriend of Blackwater Elite rookie Ray Parks, took time to talk to Dugout Philippines on Sunday afternoon over the phone to air her side of the story amid her rift with Phoenix Fuel Masters stalwart, Calvin Abueva.

"I'd like to make it clear that it is not in my heart to band and to fine [Calvin] Abueva. I just want him to learn a lesson," said Rivera.

Rivera went on to belie Abueva's claims of racial slur and saying profane words against him. The incident that happened at the Mall of Asia Arena last Friday, after Abueva fouled out with less than a minute to play in the ball game.

"Never did I say a racial slur or whatever against Calvin Abueva. Doing so means it would disrespect Ray [Parks] and my future children," she continued

Rivera mentioned that she respects everyone around her, and there is no way that she would ever say a racial slur at anyone regardless of their social status, considering that she is also dating someone who is of African-American descent.

She added that Abueva is not an exception, saying that she respects the latter as an athlete who represents the Philippines and raises the flag in his athletic prowess.

She recalled that Abueva was looking at her, laughing and pointing at the score board at the dying minutes of the fourth period, insisting that it was the Phoenix player that ignited the rift and not the other way around.

"Binabaliktad ni Calvin yung pangyayari. He started it, we were standing there not to taunt him. My companions and I were only saying 'Bye' because he fouled out and he should not be staying in the court," Rivera further claimed

Rivera also cleared out that they were at the ringside, instead of sitting behind Blackwater's bench because the tickets were given to them to the last minute.

"I was not supposed to come to the game, I was supposed to be out of town with my family but it didn't push through so I decided to just watch the game. The ringside tickets were given to us the last minute, we wanted to transfer pero dun na din kasi naupo yung isang anak nung owner. Nagsabi na din sya sa amin na dun na lang kami," she continued.

She also added that it makes her wonder of how sure Abueva was that it was her really her who said that racial slur and the profane language against him when he was in the court, all along, playing the game.

"I swear that the racial slur and the f*** you word didn't come from me or from any of my companions. I would lose my job if I do something racist. I do not want fame this way, I'd rather be famous in showbiz in a way that I've been working hard," Rivera quipped.

As respect for the league, in spite the fact that Ray Parks and the rest of Blackwater Elite is playing a game, Sunday afternoon at the Ynares Stadium, Rivera opted not to go out and watch the game physically. She rather opted to watch the game at home  with her friends, proving that the fanfare that this issue had garnered is something that she is not after.

The official statement coming from Phoenix has also reached her, even if the team nor anyone from the Commissioner's office had come to her for update on the issue but as it stands, she has been told that it it most likely that Abueva will be fined for his action.

"I don't think the fine is necessary. I don't want him fined or banned or lose his job because I respect him as a man of his house. What I am after is for the team and for the league to teach him a lesson that he would learn because this is not the first time that this has happened to him and a fan."

She said that instead of Abueva calling her b****, he could have asked the security or Ray [Parks] to call her out.

"I know the ethics of an athlete as I have been one myself. Basketball is not my life and I'm only there because I support my man. Wala naman ako problema kay Calvin as a person, sa actions nya lang yung problema. Hindi nya dapat ginawa yun against a woman, in front of many people in a public place such as a basketball arena.

"I hope there was a better way to handle that thing, not humiliate nor do gestures," Rivera laments.

In parting, Rivera hopes that the issue between her and Abueva gets cleared out soon.

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