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Reform PH Sports group calls for "just and honest" POC polls

Members of the Reform Philippine Sports Movement, including former POC president Cristy Ramos, express their call for reforms in the POC by raising their fists. Ivan Saldajeno
By Ivan Saldajeno

SAN JUAN, MM--An independent group consisting of sportsmen pleaded for the POC to make reforms ahead of the upcoming Southeast Asian Games.

Named the Reform Philippine Sports Movement, the group called a press conference on Wednesday at the Flow Events Place inside the E-Lanes Bowling Center to issue its advocacy, the primary of which is the hopes of a fair POC elections on July 28.

"We, the members of the Reform Philippine Sports Movement, demand for a just and honest election for the Philippine Olympic Committee this July 28," Charly Holganza, the lead convenor of the group, said.

The RPS introduced itself as "a movement of sports personalities and fans who have a growing concern over the way our leaders are handling Philippine sports."

While the RPS described itself as "neutral," the movement specifically expressed its concern over the group of acting POC president Joey Romasanta, citing some cases like controlling the flow of the elections and an alleged revocation of the verbal resignation of some members.

"We strongly recommend [that]... the POC General Assembly decide with finality on the controversial revocation of resignation by some members of the executive board... only legitimate member of POC must be allowed to vote. NSA's like the LVPI, PBF, PTTF, SWP, and others which are highly questionable and illegally recognized as members and are now marred with controversy must not be allowed to vote... [and] the move of Romasanta's group to disqualify six longstanding NSA's from voting must be stopped. This is a clear attempt to subvert the true will of the GA," Holganza further said.

He then called that "only qualified and competent candidates are allowed to run."

"The coming election will be of grave importance to the future generations.... We want change to happen within POC, and that change must happen now--not just for the sake of the Filipino athletes but for the future generations of Filipinos," Holganza added.

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