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Trident, Pendejo win Omni Cup 2

Trident took home the Division 1 title.
By Dugout Philippines

MANILA - Two new champions were crowned in the successful staging of the 2nd Omni Football Cup 2019 held at the McKinley Hill Stadium in Taguig.

Trident FC lorded over the Division 1 level, beating Panna FC, 2-0 to become the new Cup titlists of the one day 7-a-side football tournament sponsored by Omni Electrical and Lighting.

David Asare scored the opening goal of the match on an assist by Olisa Anene, then later on set up Rooss Peralta beautifully for the assurance goal in a counter attack a few minutes later.

"We were playing good. I actually play midfield but decided to stay back and David found me with a cross and I did my best," said Peralta. "This is our first championship too. We are a new team, just one and a half years together, and we were fighting to have a Cup championship since last year."

"We prepared but we don't know what to expect here. But we trained together and if there's one thing, I am always a positive thinker and I am always ready for a championship," said Asare.

In the 3rd place battle, Pay Migas - TDG FC defeated All Stars Foot, 3-1.

Dethroned champions Suicide Squad Kawaii took home a good consolation, edging out Gators FC, 1-0, for the plate championship of Division 1.

In Division 2, goalkeeper Balam Nazar was instrumental in handing Pendejo FC a slim 2-1 win on penalties over Suicide Squad Morryzle to be hailed cup champions.

Nazar redeemed himself after conceding the match's 1st goal, and went on to save two attempts from SS-Morryzle in the shootout while also converting one himself for the decisive win.

"For me, that first goal was my responsibility. But you have to come back and fix your mistakes. Luckily in this match, I was able to fix those and bring it to the penalties," said Nazar.

"When you're a goalkeeper, you know how to react so I really wanted to take one of the shots. I know how a keeper is going to react. It's not every day you get to save two penalties and also make one."

Pendejo FC is a group of expats, mostly of Latin American heritage, playing together for the past couple of years.

It was the first title for the club in an organized football setting.

"We are more of friends, most of them speak Spanish, and we tried to make it more organized. Me personally, I have a tiring job so football is my way to relax," added Nazar.

Groundsbury FC figured in a heated shootout as well, beating Metro Aguilas, 3-2 for 3rd place in Division 2.

Underground FC claimed the plate championship over Galastars - DNO A, 1-0.

The successful 2nd Omni Cup drew 24 teams and more than 380 players.

Event directors KJ Olayvar and Al Alde both promised bigger and grander next editions of the tournament in the future.

"All games all transitioned well; the teams played well and we had good results. Tonight, we made a point with our event with our sponsors. We touched the lives of our players. And we will try to make it more grand next time," said Olayvar.

"The players had fun. They said they had a good time. They really like the game. I hope we can have more tournaments that will give more entertaining games for them," said Alde.

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