Laro, Bohemian's hot runs in 7's FL snapped; Monte Manila finally scores win

Stephan Schrock's sensational bicycle kick goal highlighted Monte Manila's first win of the season.
By Dugout Philippines

MANILA—Another day of football action filled the Emperador Stadium in Taguig City from the Philam 7s Football League.

Laro FC and Bohemian Sporting Club each tasted their first losses of the season while Monte Manila registered their first victory of the tournament.

Ghana FC, Super Eagles, and Mondo International each scored Day 4 wins as well.

With the game tied at 2-2, Dioh Tanga scored the go-ahead goal as Matu Deportivo gives Bohemian Sporting Club their first loss of the tournament.

Matu Deportivo’s Nico Bolzico saw some chinks in BSC’s armor during the game and decided to keep on using that to their advantage.

“We saw that we can hurt them so we start attacking more and more. And yeah, we know we have to control the good players in the middle,” said Bolzico. “They control the ball very well and we knew who we have to mark on. I think I could say it's a game."

Meanwhile, Laro FC also tasted their first defeat under the hands of DMatsunaga FA.

Gerson Lopez and Victor Hugo scored a goal apiece before Laro could answer with one at the 48-minute mark.

The early lead was enough cushion for DMatsunaga FA to hold on to the victory.

"It changed the mentality of the entire team,” said team captain Daniel Matsunaga on bagging their second win. “You know, it gives us a little bit more hope. Now, we had six points. It's still there you know. It's just the start of the tournament.”

After dropping their first three games, Monte Manila scored their first win of the tournament against powerhouse Real Amigos in a high scoring game, 6-5.

Chima Uzoka led goal scorers with the hat trick for Monte.

Down by two goals at the half, Stephan Schrock is happy with the comeback win as it hyped up his teammates and hopes to carry the winning attitude in the next games.

“I hope from now on, we try to win almost every game so that we become situation knock out stage,” he said.

Defending champions Ghana FC got the boost from David Asare scoring two goals as they win over Tondo FC, 3-1.

It was a payback win for Ghana FC as they were stunned by Tondo FC last season.

"Well as Coach Ayi [Bimbo] had said to us before the game, he told us we shouldn't underestimate them because last season we were beaten by those guys,” said Renzo Cales of Ghana FC. “So, the main lesson for us is that we should not underestimate our opponents. That's what he thought us before the game."

Former league champions Super Eagles had a convincing win over Futbol Funatics, 4-2.

Ebere Ugochukwi was the top scorer finishing with two goals for the Super Eagles.

Mondo International shuts out Superbad, 2-0.

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