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Ringside physician confirms stoppage order in Salva-Taduran bout

The ringside medical staff had to bring out an oxygen tank as Samuel Salva was having breathing difficulty moments after Referee Danrex Tapdasan, as advised by Dr. Rolando Rivera, stopped his bout. Ivan Saldajeno
By Ivan Saldajeno

TAGUIG--Samuel Salva seemed to be on track of denying Pedro Taduran a world title again after knocking him down in the first round of their IBF minimumweight championship bout at the Philippine Navy Gymnasium on Saturday night.

But come Round 3, Taduran began an onslaught that eventually spilled until Round 4, continuously pouncing on Salva, who had no other option but to just keep his guard up.

During the intermission after the fourth round, Rolando Rivera, the ringside physician present in the title fight, sensed that something was not right in Salva's corner.

The fear came true when Referee Danrex Tapdasan checked on Salva, who could not stand up after the huddle.

Upon seeing that Salva really could not gear up for Round 5, Rivera signaled to Tapdasan to call off the bout, essentially giving Taduran the TKO and the world title.

"Wala na yung mata nya eh. Di na mag-respond sa mga sagot. Kaya noong patatayuin, sabi ko, 'Huwag nang patayuin. Mukhang di na kaya,'" Rivera explained why he ordered the bout to stop.

He then added that it was more of a preventive measure as he thought Salva will be knocked out badly had Round 5 pushed through.

"Kung yun ay napatayo pa, naku! Mas lalong delikado," Rivera further said, noting that most of Taduran's punches landed on Salva's head.

"Halos di na siya makaganti," Rivera added on Salva's situation.

Rivera then believes what led to the knockout is a testament to the work ethic of Taduran, who scored his 11th stoppage win out of 14 overall.

"Mukhang preparado din yung kabila," Rivera said of Taduran's camp.

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