UTP U-14 team set to compete in ATF Malaysia tilt

UTP players (from left) Joewyn Pascua, Marielle Jarata, Alexa Milliam, and Exequiel Jucutan are in Malaysia for the Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) 14-and-under series.
By Kristoffer Ed Bellen

MANILA—Top-ranked juniors' players Exequiel Jucutan, Joewyn Pascua, Alexa Milliam, and Marielle Jarata will banner the Philippine flag when they compete at the 14th ATF 14&U Series 2019 in Sarawak, Malaysia, this week.

Tennis patron Jean Henri Lhuillier's Unified Tennis Philippines (UTP) sponsored Jucutan, Pascua, Milliam, and Jarata, and selected the four players through a national ranking system.

“We’ve seen how these kids are on the Philippine courts and I’m confident that they are at par with their opponents who will come from different nations. I wish them good luck and expect them to make our country proud,” said Lhuillier, who is also the president of UTP, an all-inclusive, non-stock, non-profit sports organization founded and supported by some of the country’s biggest tennis patrons and aficionados whose mission is to develop fresh talents who will represent the Philippines in international competitions.

Milliam and Jarata are ranked 38th and 82nd in Asia, respectively, while Jucutan and Pascua are ranked 36th and 44th across the region.

Also seeing action in the tournament is Axl Lajon Gonzaga and Darwin Cosca.

The Sarawak 14th ATF 14&U Series 2019 will be played inside the Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association Tennis Centre and is organized by the Asian Tennis Federation.

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