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Sunsparks grabs M1 2019 playoff spot

by Drew Malihan

Filipino esports club Sunsparks advances to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championships (M1) 2019 playoffs after a 3-0 slate against rival teams in the group stage at the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 13.

Sunsparks have accumulated a total of six games won while losing once each to Malaysian delegates Todak, Brazilian outfit Geo Esports, and Turkish team Evil Esports.

Knocked Todak out
The Pinoy squad showed dominance early on with 1-0 game lead, downing Todak with 21 kills to 11, with Kielvj's Lunox and Jaypee's Karrie doing the most of the damage to the Malaysians.

Cikuuuuu's Helcurt turned the tide in Game 2, closing out a 19-15 performance for the Malaysians to tie the series one game apiece. Jaypee again led his squad now with his Gusion but cannot carry Sunsparks to a sweep.

The Filipino outfit rebounded in Game 3 thanks to Jaypee's Granger's 7/0/3 show-up, while limiting Todak to just three kills.

Geo shakeup
Jaypee again led SS with his Granger having 7 kills with 10 assists against South American contingent Geo, limiting their opponents to four kills while scoring 22.

Geo's Homis didn't let them get swept by the Filipinos, leading the Brazilians to a 16-7 fightback in Game 2.

Kielvj and Jaypee once again sparked a Sunsparks rebound in Game 3 with a 20-4 outing. Jaypee's Granger led the squad with a 12/1/5 KDA while Kielvj's Kimmy came with three kills and 13 assists.

Defeating the force of Evil
Turkish qualifiers Evil have other plans in mind as they established dominance in their first game with 17 kills while limiting SS to just four.

Evil's Ashh led the squad with seven kills and five assists, while Katze's Leomord showed up with five kills and five assists.

Kielvj's Esmeralda denied a potential sweep by the Brazilians with seven kills and six assists to lead Sunsparks to a 1-1 deadlock.

The Filipinos shocked Evil with a superb 14-2 performance to close the series two games to one, with the 14-year-old Kielvj showing a 7/0/5 performance with his Esmeralda.

Sunsparks will battle Vietnamese outfit VEC Fantasy Main in the lower bracket on November 15 as the second-best team in Group C.

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