Omni Cup gives back for Season 3

By Dugout Philippines

MANILA—The Omni Cup will kick off their third installment on Saturday at the McKinley Stadium. This time around, the league aims to give back after a very impressive reception to the Philippine football community.

“We have recently been in support of FairPlay for All Foundation as we seek to inspire the football community to help the underprivileged kids the foundation supports,” bared Omni Cup event director Al Alde. “This Saturday, we do welcome donations that we could give over to the children of Payatas.”

Since its first event that staged early this year, the league continues to expand and they just recently added a Women’s Division along with increasing the number of participants on their existing divisions.

“We wanted to have a cup that is welcoming to team so we have increased the number of players allowed in teams so people can really enjoy the experience,’ said Alde.

This tournament has been Omni’s contribution to Philippine football and with the continued growth, the league intends to bring the experience to more players and fans from different walks of life.

“The growth of the league has been pretty significant and steady so far. We have been trying out various formats to cater to different crowds and attract different people to enjoy the sport,” Alde said.

“Right now, we have decided to implement a format that is simple and something people can remember the Omni Cup,” he adds. “We are pushing for it once they think of this specific format for a tournament. We want people to think that it is Omni Cup that provides this for them.”

Alde together the leagues organizers would continue to tap into their creativity as the league promises to deliver a very fruitful 3rd Omni Cup and a bigger league in 2020.

“For further installments, we only seek to further expand so expect to see more slots for teams, more interesting formats for the divisions, and of course, more collaboration with business entities and sponsors so we can truly provide and support Philippine football,” Alde ends.