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Schrock's side goal boosts Busmen win vs Port in ACL Prelims

Stephan Schrock (12) scores a goal from side corner in 51st minute | Ceres Negros FC 

By: Gil Mar Moriones

MANILA - A short play from the corner, Stephan Schrock tried his magic from side right flank made Port keeper Worawut unable to save but instead he tapped it to cross the goal line which counted their crucial goal at 51st minute in their away game vs Port FC, tonight at PAT Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand.

The game settled into 1-0 victory for Busmen after the impressive tank defense for the visiting team as head coach Risto Vidakovic wanted to.

In the added time of the game, it was almost two goals for Ceres after run a play from superb defensive screen with three Busmen players on the run against Port defender, but unfortunately, the ball wasn't able to sink in as Nitipong Selanon successfully paved it away to the goal mouth from attempt by Schrock. 

The Busmen just gave away some possessions to Port, as the 2019 Thai FA Cup winners tested some of their opening lanes but thanks to the defensive responses of the visiting team.

Naturalized player Heberty just missed the free kick down to the center area which went wide at 20th minute. 

OJ Porteria contributed to some offensive stats for Ceres as he threw two solid attempts knocking Port's defense in 16th and 21st minute from the beautiful feed from Mike Ott and Bienvenido MaraƱon. 

After the shocking goal from Shrock at 51st minute, Adisak Kraisorn entered the game but still not enough to at least equalized. He tackled by Dennis Villanueva in 68th minute on the run play offense by Port and he missed the header attempt earlier at 67th minute. 

The Busmen will head to Japan for their play-off match against J-League runners-up, FC Tokyo at Ajinomoto Stadium this January 28 battling for last spot of Group F in the approaching 2020 AFC Champions League. 

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