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Sports power couple Kiefer Ravena, Alyssa Valdez to conduct online sports clinic

After extending help to the COVID-19 frontliners, Kiefer Ravena, along with girlfriend Alyssa Valdez, will now help kids stay fit despite the community quarantine.
By Dugout Philippines

MANILA--To encourage kids to be active and healthy while staying indoors, Milo Philippines invites kids nationwide to join the country’s top athletes for Champion Live, an hour-long live exercise routine on Instagram. This social media-based exercise activity is part of Milo’s new online program.

“We at Milo recognize the importance of leading an active lifestyle for children to grow up healthy and strong,” Milo Sports Executive Lester P. Castillo said. “It is crucial to instill the habit of daily exercise at a young age. And now with the help of technology, kids can enjoy home-based drills with their sports idols.”

According to the Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health by the World Health Organization (WHO), children 5 years and above should engage in physical activity, such as exercise, at least 60 minutes every day. Exercise has many health benefits, such as building muscle strength, improving motor skills, and promoting bone development.

With the guidance and supervision of their parents, kids can join their favorite athletes train from their living rooms using proven methods. Milo basketball champion Kiefer Ravena and Milo volleyball champion Alyssa Valdez will kick off the first session of Champion Live on April 1, with Alyssa streaming her volleyball drills at 10 a.m., and Kiefer going live with his basketball training at 3 p.m. Both athletes will share their own sports and physical activities, as well as answer questions from their fans.

Milo will continue to provide more sports content that kids and their parents can access on popular social media platforms for free. Expect more MILO athletes to show their exercise techniques, and go live to inspire kids to get moving even in the comfort of their living room.

To join Champion Live, simply visit Alyssa and Kiefer’s Instagram pages.

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