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KOTC offers sports fans personalized posters, chance to help COVID-19 frontliners

By Dugout Philippines

MANILA--It's officially been a month since we last set foot on the hardcourt, and we miss the game so bad. It's like getting hit by a train of reality of no NBA, PBA, NCAA, and the UAAP - and it's not just basketball, but any sporting event for that matter, all around the globe.

Even various recreational leagues and sporting events have been halted due to the COVID-19 crisis. Home workouts and exercise challenges to stay active have been the new norm. Watching video highlights and checking out some old photos help ease the itch of wanting to play sooner, but as a nation who endears sports in general, we know that reminiscing the time on the court will never be enough.

While we are trying to keep our sanity in without getting to play or watch sports, there is now a way that we can play a crucial role in winning this off-court battle with Kings of the Court PH's campaign titled “It’s Your Time to Shine”.

The campaign aims to raise funds to support various donation programs for our frontliners, and provide financial assistance its employees.

For only PHP700 each, you can get your very own customized sports artworks. Simply choose a design from KOTC’s online catalog, e-mail your picture, and wait for your elegantly designed copy to be sent – for you to post and share online, pay it forward, or save in your digital devices. (Find out who to get yours here.)

Their customized artworks are compatible to any sport of your choosing. In addition, it can be a souvenir to a loved one who are frontliners - doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, as well as local officials, military, delivery, etc. to show your appreciation during these times, that they are our "season MVP's".

Because of its good reception to the public, KOTC is able to begin their initial donations to various projects institutions such as the Kada-Uno program that aims to provide safe shelters to frontliners in various La Salle campuses, LSGH 96’s Project Pillow Fight, a program that supports production of proning pillows to COVID-19 patients, LGR Sportswear, for PPE Production, Tipsy Pig (Timog), who provides food supplies to hospitals and the AFP), and San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation Hospital.
Numerous help have come from KOTC basketball participants, volleyball, badminton, and football enthusiasts, parents who have children who are into sports - a whole basketball team like the DLSU Lady Archers have taken part. What’s more heartwarming are the loved ones getting orders as souvenirs to their frontliners.

"The current COVID-19 situation has undoubtedly taken a hit on us. Select business operations have been on hold, sources of income have been limited, but more devastating is the fact that the confirmed cases continue to increase. However, our strength and resiliency is stronger than the enemy. The

frontliners are braving the enemy lines. I believe, as the the buzzer sounds we will come out on top – better, stronger, and ready to face tougher challenges." said Mr. Legisma in his message to the public.

Kings of the Court PH, a company that started in 2014, has been known as a recreational basketball league and later on a sports event organizer, and one of their key components had always been its digital media services.

"Through the years, we have always believed in empowering our players and clients to further elevate their playing experience. Graphic design has been one of our key components in achieving this. They are originally designed and carefully executed to meet our brand of elegance and prestige." She added.

Fulltime KOTC graphic artists and freelancers are tasked to produce the artworks as the number of orders rise as of writing. Moreso, KOTC is able to open more work opportunities to its freelancers.

"Artworks are done by KOTC full-time employees (Jason Oredina, Brian Le May Ancheta, Benn Marc Adorna, Jake Marcelo, Dwight Avila). KOTC freelancers have also come onboard to help with designing - giving them a source of income during these times. If it keeps coming, the names I mentioned have graphic artist friends who can help out [as well]."

The campaign has begun on a positive note. Now it's your time.

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