APSF respects PSC's move to help in COVID-19 fight as APG '20 officially canceled

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The PSC's decision to withdraw funding for APG in favor of helping control the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the cancellation of the said games. Jess Escaros/PNA (file photo)
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--The ASEAN Para Sports Federation is respecting the PSC's decision to divert supposed funds for the hosting of the ASEAN Para Games to help in the Philippines' battle with COVID-19 and in fact appreciates it as the said meet is now officially canceled.

"We appreciate why such decision needs to be made," Osoth Bhavilai, APSF's president, said in a statement on Monday that formally announced the cancellation.

The PSC on April 29 announced that it is withdrawing further financial support for the APG hosting to bolster its contribution to the Philippine government in controlling the COVID-19 spread in the country.

The day later, Philippine Paralympic Committee president Mike Barredo hinted at the full cancellation of the event, saying that it is "not feasible without government support."

The cancellation was made official with the Bhavilai statement.

In light of the decision of the Philippine Sports Commission from the Republic of [the] Philippines, regretfully, I would like to state that the 10th ASEAN Para Games would be cancelled officially," his statement read.

But he added, "Nevertheless, we [at] APSF would like to thank the Philippines for all [the] efforts taken prior to the games for the preparation."

Prior to the cancellation, the APG was postponed twice, both due to COVID-19, which has already affected 11,086 Filipinos as of 4 p.m. Monday.

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