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How Dennis Rodman's 'dark side' became more popular than his NBA career

Dennis Rodman was instrumental in Chicago's second NBA three-peat, but his off-court antics made him a "superstar" for awkward reasons. Reuters (file photo)
By Jayson Biadog

I HAVE been a fan of the Chicago Bulls since I was still in high school, but it is only since "The Last Dance" was shown on Netflix.

As well as watching lots of video clips during this Covid-19 lockdown period that I realize. Michael Jordan would not win his last three championshipsw the help of the great defense as well as the rebounding of Dennis "The Worm" Rodman.

Because of Rodman, I understand the total point of doing what you are best at.

He focused only on defense and rebound, which has been his mantra since he started his career with the Detroit Pistons, and that led to five NBA championships, including the Bulls's second three-peat.

What fancied me, however, is Rodman's appearance behind the scenes.

At one time, he was a Hollywood action star in the movie called "Double Team" with Jean Claude Van Damme and then a wrestling star, joining Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan in the New World Order faction.

It is also noted that he has a lot of tattoos all over his body behind that colorful hair, which were evidences of his "re-branding" that made him a polarizing figure.

What makes things more interesting about his lifestyle is that he once dated Madonna, a famous Hollywood singer.

He also had a great time in Hollywood with celebrities, even partying with some of the hottest women during the 90's. With that kind of active sex lifestyle.

Do you think he got STD? Magic Johnson got HIV so I think these hall of famers need to be careful about their health lifestyle as well.

Although this was sad to hear about Magic Johnson, it is a good example for us that we all need to stay up to date on our sexual health as well.

Aside from that, he admitted that he is homophobic by wearing a bridal gown in front of the media, trying to marry himself.

Those crazy behaviors and troubles he made in and out the court did not sit well to teammate Scottie Pippen to the point that he said that he did not like him.

Although Rodman did a lot of nasty stuff in public, they were obviously publicity stunts. Whether it was good or not, it was still publicity.

Lately, I am seeing him hanging out with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. I feel that it is kinda strange.

Rodman is like just the unusual superstar guy who developed a great friendship with this infamous dictator.

Regardless of whoever you are pairing Rodman with, whether it's Madonna, Jordan, Kim,

Van Damme, Carmen Electra, Charles Barkley, or Karl Malone, I am pretty much sure it is going to be blockbuster entertainment inside and outside the hardcourt.

The views and opinions of the writer do not necessarily reflect those of Dugout Philippines.

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