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Repsol Honda riders find return to racetrack 'little strange' as they await MotoGP return

In a "little strange" setting, Marc Marquez and younger brother Alex are getting their MotoGP shape back through motocross. Javi Echevarria/Repsol Honda Team
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--As the restrictions around the world amid the COVID-19 pandemic are loosening up, the Repsol Honda MotoGP team has returned to do some test runs as they await for the resumption of the postponed season.

However, Marc and Alex Marquez, as anticipated of athletes just returning to training, admitted that they found it kinda tough to return to the racetrack after not riding a motorcycle for quite some time.

"After two months, honestly it was a little strange at the start to be back on the bike for the first laps," Marc Marquez said in a recent interview.

The Repsol Honda Team only got to do some laps again on May 19 at the El Bosquet Circuit in Ponts, Spain, but it was a far cry from what they do in MotoGP since they were in a motocross track.

Still, the Marquez Brothers are cherishing the moment, and they slowly get accustomed again to motorcycle racing as the days went by.

"Soon, I was feeling better as all of the muscles and the mind started to remember everything again. It was really nice to be able to get back on the bike, this is a feeling you can’t find anywhere else," Marc Marquez further said.

Younger brother Alex added, "It is great to be able to return to more normal training and it was a real pleasure to be back out on the motocross circuit. When something like this is your passion, you always enjoy it a lot so it was special to ride, you need the bike in your life. For at least a little bit it was like everything was normal."
Alex Marquez in action. Javi Echevarria/Repsol Honda Team
The Marquez Brothers are now just awaiting the return of MotoGP, although it will never be the same again due to the pandemic.

"Unfortunately the world is still not yet back to normal and we as riders, as well as everyone else, must continue to adapt and do our best in this situation," Alex Marquez rued.

Good thing, according to Marc, "Step by step we’re coming closer and closer to normal life and this is the most important point."

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