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Ceres Negros to look for new investors

Ceres Negros is set to get a major reorganization. Dennis Acosta (file photo)
By Gil Mar Moriones

MANILA – PFF general secretary Edwin Gastanes said in a virtual press conference on Wednesday that Ceres Negros has already informed his office regarding possible changes of the club’s ownership and management.

The reigning PFL champion confirmed the development in a statement.

The statement revealed the decision is due to its current chairman, Leo Rey Yanson, cut his connections and involvement to the club’s affairs due to pandemic.

The reigning Philippine Football League and Copa Paulino Alcantara Cup champions, Ceres Negros FC broke their silence upon the massive rumours of their alleged withdrawal in the professional league, alongside to its plans to start the fourth season this August, due to financial consequences brought by the COVID19 pandemic in the country.

Currently, Ace Bright, the general manager of the club, will temporarily take over the leadership while in transition for looking for the new roster of management, which will be announced soon.

Ceres Negros will go to Vietnam for their AFC Cup Group G fixtures with Than Quan Nimn, Bali United of Indonesia and Svay Reign of Cambodia on Sept. 23-29.

'Ceres is doing good'

Meanwhile, the Busmen's forwards, Bienvenido Maranon and OJ Porteria, released their thoughts about their team's future on Tuesday night in the CPT Crossover Podcast.

“I think Ceres is doing good. Everything will be fixed, and I think everybody will be happy,” Maranon insisted after he busted the social media news about their alleged withdrawal in the league due to financial constraints.

“But the thing I’m really grateful to Ceres is they really try until they could,“ Porteria stated in concurrence to his teammates sentiment about their winnings beyond the club’s struggle during lockdown.

Before the major speculation on possible club’s disbandment, James Younghusband retired his kits in his football career including of being Busmen alongside with the departure of defender Josh Grommen and Jeff Christiaens recently.

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