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MPL-PH: Aura nips BSB in three-game thriller

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Harsh reality: One mistake can change everything.

One mistake is all it takes for two-time defending champions Aura PH to seize a 2-1 win over a gritty BSB side during the MPL-PH Season 6.

It was an early ultimate by Wilson which goes to naught that spells doom for BSB as Aura wiped the entire squad out in a minute to close the three-game match.

Aura drafted a durable quintet for the first game with Kielvj having the Uranus and skipper Rafflesia getting the Atlas, while BSB drafted a crowd-control heavy lineup with Esmeralda, Cyclops, and Popol and Kupa.

Marred by several pauses in the early game, both teams tested their waters in the early to mid game.

From the second technical pause, it became the Aura PH show as Jaypee led the skirmish in the upper lane 19 kills to nine.

Jaypee grabbed the MVP honors with a 9/0/4 KDA in the 12-minute match, while Drixx led BSB with three kills and assists each.

Aura tried to close the series in a sweep with  a triple tank of Esmeralda, Khufra, and Balmond, as BSB drafted Ling and the notorious combo of Yu Zhong and Angela.

Both teams engaged in a teamfight on the mid and bottom lanes with Aura getting the upper hand and BSB retaliating with a series of kills to a 10-8 lead.

Drixx's Ling led BSB to a series of kills that put his team on the driver's seat 17-11 including a three-for-three affair in the middle lane.

Aura looks to seize the third sanctuary lord but Drixx swas in the right time to steal it for BSB, pressing the Aura defense.

The underdogs forced a third game as they retaliated an Aura mid lane attack in the 24th minute with Drixx getting the MVP nod with a 12/1/7 mark.

BSB have a triple fighter combo of Chou, Thamuz, and Yu Zhong for the rubber match while Aura drafted a burst-heavy lineup with a combo of X.Borg and Kagura.

Both teams engaged in mayhem-like skirmishes but Aura got the upper hand in the first eight minutes led by Greed's Kagura 9-4.

BSB looks to close Aura but a Wilson's early ultimate as Yu Zhong goes to naught as the entire team fight of Aura wipes the entire BSB squad and the mid lane to secure the series in a convincing Aura way, 17-10.

Aura will try to extend their win streak to three as they meet another hot team in Blacklist International, while BSB will try to bounce back against last season's runners-up ONIC PH.

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