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MPL-PH: Aura's sneaky finishes get win over Blacklist International

by Drew Malihan

MANILA -- Aura PH's two blindside moves in the first and third games secures them another 2-1 win over fellow contenders Blacklist International in the season 6 of MPL-PH.

Blacklist went for a five of Khufra, X.Borg, Diggie, Yu Zhong, and Karrie, while Aura PH started a five with Thamuz, Hilda, Natalya, Chou, and Ling.

Aura went on a good start but Blacklist secured four straight kills to get a 6-2 advantage before five minutes.

After a technical pause, both sides went for the sanctuary Lord but Aura's Greed and Killuash blindsided Blacklist, pushing the bottom lane instead with only one minion and eventually getting the base destroyed for a 1-0 lead.

Greed's Natalya claimed the MVP honors with a 5/3/2 performace along with 5,424 gold.

Blacklist opted for a return of Khufra and Yu Zhong along with Chou, Lancelot, and Cyclops, while Aura retained Thamuz and Ling with X.Borg, Atlas, and Valir.

It was a different narrative for Blacklist International as they counter every Aura attack and getting more kills in the first ten  minutes along with more gold.

Blacklist International eventually pushed for the mid lane and getting crucial kills near the Aura base, eventually killing Rafflesia, Jaypee, and Greed, and forcing a third game, 16-5.

Aqua's Yu Zhong eventually get the MPV honors, being involved in 13 Blacklist kills with eight kills and five assists.

Aura drafted a five of Hilda, Uranus, Yi Sun-shin, Chou, and Kagura, while Blacklist opted for Thamuz, Esmeralda, Harith, Atlas, and Diggie.

It was a see-saw affair for both teams ad they exchanged kill for kill and the gold being slightly in Aura's favor.

Blacklist however did not back down easy as they force Aura out with three crucial kills at their base despite all their turrets being down.

Aura secured another sanctuary lord and tried to break Blacklist's defense but Killuash yet again blindsided BSB by sneaking  behind and destroying Blacklist's base and getting the series for the two-time champions.

It was Kielvj who get the MVP nod for Aura as he registered a 4/2/8 KDA.

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