MPL-PH: Bren draw S6 first blood vs. Onic

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA -- Bren Esports take the first win of the season 6 of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League -- Philippines (MPL-PH) against fellow title contenders ONIC PH two games to one.

Bren started the early game on their favor with a 4-1 performace thanks to Pheww's Pharsa dealing the MPL-PH S5 runner up with three early kills.

It was then FlapTzy's Yu Zhong who claim two more kills to claim a before Pheww led Bren to a 9-1 lead.

Pheww, FlapTzy, and KarlTzy with his Hayabusa put the final nails to Onic's game 1 coffin until they breached the ninth minute with a 12 thousand gold lead.

Dlar's Khalid shut down FlapTzy but it was no use as Bren wiped Onic's lineup and take the first game, with Pheww's 7/0/9 KDA enough to name him MVP.

Onic drafted a more durable lineup with Chou, Uranus, and Thamuz while Bren drafted a similarly durable lineup sans Yu Zhong and Pharsa who were banned.

It was a closer affair for the seconnd game as teams exhange leads in kills and net worth.

It was only when Wise's Yi Sun-Shin get the lord that turn the tide for Onic despite Bren's retaliation.

Iy4knu's Uranus shifted gears and led the late game surge for Onic to even the series with a game each, tallying gour kills and seven asissts with 9.1 thousand net worth.

Bren drafted a more one-by-one lineup with Lancelot and Luo Yi in helm why Onic fielded a more set-play quintet with Pharsa and double tank for Khufra and Esmeralda

Onic get the upper hand in the early game with a more toned down affair but KarlTzy's Lancelot being the thorn with four of five kills in seven minutes.

The rubber match became the KarlTzy show as he led the Bren to mid to late game getting buffs and dealing damage en route to get the first win of the season with a 10/0/4 KDA.

Onic will try to bounce back on Sunday against a regenerating Blu Fire while Bren will meet old friend Haze and Omega PH on August 28.

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