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MPL-PH: Bren extinguishes Aura's fire

by Drew Malihan

MANILA -- Bren Esports proved to be the thorn on Aura PH's side as they swept the two-time champion in season 6 of MPL-PH both in quick fashion.

Bren drafted a crowd control-heavy lineup of Pharsa, Hilda, Esmeralda, Yi Sun-shin, and Gatotkaca, while Aura countered with Khaleed, Claude, Baxia, Chou, and Kagura.

Bren pushed early and get most of the kills, keeping Jaypee from taking over and taking down three Aura turrets.

Aura tried to come back in the mid game, getting a 3-1 streak and keeping close as they slain Pheww, Lusty, and KarlTzy.

It was then when Aura lost Rafflesia, prompting Bren to slain the rest of Aura PH without their captain, pushing the mid and eventually destroying the base in less than eleven minutes of game time.

KarlTzy's Yi Sun-Shin get the MVP nod with six kills and five assists.

Aura tried to come back with a quintet of Kagura, Yi Sun-shin, Esmeralda, Chou, and Balmond, while Bren will try to close the series with Alice, Khufra, Khaleed, Lancelot, and Chang'e.

Bren started strong in the early game with KarlTzy's Lancelot and Pheww's Chang'e responsible to five of seven early kills.

From there, Bren did not look back and toppled seven turrets including the middle inhibitor turret in the mid game.

Aura tried to defend the exposed base, but with the sanctuary lord on Bren's side, they wasted no time and dealt Aura their first loss of the game.

It is Pheww who get the MVP honors as his Chang'e grabbed nine assists along with two kills.

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