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MPL-PH: Cignal Ultra signals comeback against BSB


by Drew Malihan

MANILA -- Cignal Ultra make their comeback in a thrilling fashion as they defeated BSB in three relatively close games during the Season 6 of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League - Philippines (MPL-PH)

BSB drafted a more durable lineup for the first game with Hylos, Chou, and Thamuz with Cignal Ultra countering them with a combination of Uranus, Baxia, and Yu Zhong

It was a close affair in the early game tradings kills for deaths, 6-6, while Drix getting the first turtle for BSB.

Both BSB and Cignal Ultra give three more kills to each other 9-9 until the latter timed an attack to a more unaware BSB side 15 kills to ten, getting the map control.

BSB grabbed the lord in a clash but it proved to be costly with Kap Wan's Hylos, Ana's Chou and Drixx's Yi Sun-Shin being slained in the process.

Cignal completed the late game domination with Rhea, who used Yu Zhong, establishing an MVP performance of six kills and 10 assists.

Cignal Ultra looked to sweep the series drafting a more teamfight lineup of with Hayabusa and Yu Zhong, while BSB pulled the second Balmond of the tournament as Yu Zhong's counter with Roger and Valir.

BSB looks to add pressure to Cignal's side as Drixx leading them to a 12-5 with a 4,000 gold lead at the ten-minute mark.

Wilson, who controls Balmond, grabs the lord then added three more kills in their bag, but they waste no time to summon the backup as they pushed the mid lane inhibitor turret down to force a rubber match 20 kills to eight.

Drixx claims the MVP honors with ten kills and eight assists, while Wilson finished unscathed with four kills and six assists.

It was a nip-and-tuck affair for both teams in the start of the rubber match with ImbaDeejay's Pharsa scoring two kills for Cignal Ultra while Wilson's Balmond and Ana's Thamuz teaming for three in the first two minutes.

The mid game turned out to be a melee of attacks and kills with Hadess and Rhea falling down for Cignal Ultra while Kap Wan and Ana falling for BSB. 10-7.

It was the Wilson show as his Balmond led the way to BSB knocking on the door letting Roger to claim the turtle, 12-10 still for Cignal Ultra.

Cignal hits back to a BSB melee with only Drixx's Roger surviving the Cignal Ultra onslaught, 19-16 to the latter.

BSB failed to capitalize on the absence of Yu Zhong in the lord's lair as only Trebor survives the melee in the late game with a 4-1 run for Cignal Ultra.

With ImbaDeejay slaying Ana's Thamuz, Cignal Ultra delivered the final blow to take the win 25 to 18, with Hadess' Harith claiming MVP with six kills and 15 assists and only two deaths.

Cignal will look to add another W in the column against Smart Omega on August 29 while BSB will try to look for answers tomorrow against defending champions Aura PH.

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