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MPL-PH: NXP completes sweep vs. BSB

by Drew Malihan

MANILA -- H2WO and the rest of Nexplay Solid needed only two games as they dealt a 2-0 sweep to BSB to take the win in the sixth season if MPL-PH.

BSB formed a quintet to Thamuz, X.Borg, Ling, and a double support of Angela and Rafaela, while Nexplay Solid grabbed Khaleed, Yi Sun-shin, Helcurt, Pharsa and Thamuz.

NXP bested BSB on toppling turrets and clash in the early game with Wilson't Thamuz being subject to four of eight deaths for BSB.

Nexplay Solid did not let Drixx's Ling and Trebor's Angela to took over the game as they wasted no time to push BSB back and get the win within 12 minutes 14-5.

H2WO get the MVP nod as his Yi Sun-shin finished with eight kills and five assists.

Nexplay Solid drafted an attack heavy lineup with Yawi's Carmilla acting as a tank/support, while BSB countered with a balanced lineup with the core of Yi Sun-shin and Thamuz.

BSB started strong despite being down seven kills to eleven of Nexplay Solid as they get more objectives, slain a sanctuary lord, and topple more turrets in the early to mid game.

Mb and company did not back down however as they take down each BSB turret one by one and pressure the opponent to defend.

They did now wait for their own sanctuary lord to come as help as they pushed BSB back and eventually getting their first sweep 21-10.

It was H2WO's Bruno who get the MVP nod with eight kills and nine assists to his name.

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