MPL-PH: Omega blocks Blacklist to start S6 campaign

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Omega PH Esports take their first win of the MPL-PH Season 6 as they proved too much to handle for Blacklist International two games to one.

It was a low scoring battle between the two sides in the first game with Omega PH drafing a more teamplay lineup while Blacklist looks to counter Haze's Pharsa with Chang'e and Akai.

Full Clip led the way to a more disciplined affair for Blacklist marked by pushing more and keeping Omega PH from invading their lanes and getting the objectives.

The newcomer get the MVP nod with his Ling registering a 2/0/4 KDA, including a crucial set late in the game to get the first win for Blacklist, eight kills to two.

Omega PH preferred a more run and gun technique with Hilda and Esmeralda while Blacklist International drafted a team-oriented lineup with Thamuz and Baxia.

Full Cip and Dex Star fall into the traps of KurtTzy's Yu Zhong, prompting for Omega to take the lead 3-1.

It was a different narrative for Omega compared to game one as they control the map mid to late game thanks to Hadjizy's Ling leading the offensive change to force a game three, involving in 11 of 13 kills.

Blacklist looked to close the series with two assasins and a surprise Balmond pick, while Omega pulled their own surprise in Cyclops.

Both Blacklist and Omega took their time to initiate attack until the seventh minute for a major clash but with no casualties added to a 2-1 Blacklist lead.

Full Clip with his Ling led again the charge to put Blacklist ahead five kills to one but Hadjizy's Hayabusa took one for Omega against Aqua's Pharsa.

Omega staged a comeback wiping the entire Blacklist squad in a minute led by Heath's Hilda clutch kills against Dex Star with a Hylos and Full Clip.

The former SGD squad took the lead thanks to Toshi's Esmeralda leading the late game offensive pushing Blacklist away 11-10.

With the proper adjustments, Omega ended the 22-minute battle led by Toshi and a late game Cyclops by Haze, but it was Heath who took the MVP with a 6/1/14 KDA.

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